Spring Nucleus Colony - Late April 2020 Pickup

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Spring Nucleus Colony - Late April 2020 Pickup

These nucs are coming from a fourth generation beekeeper from Pennsylvania. Their queen heritage is derived from grafting Minnesota Hygienic Queens. They also breed from within their own stock as they pull survivor queens that excell in harsh winter environments and use breeder queens from Latshaw’s and queen cells from Dave Miska as well as others to promote genetic diversity. All of their queens are naturally mated.

Nucs will consist of a newly mated queen on brood of her own heritage. The five deep frames will consist of two brood frames, two honey frames, and one frame of foundation that can vary from brood to honey. This frame is used by the bees for expansion and is important to keep the colony balanced while growing in their nuc box.

Please consider ordering early as we have a limited supply and expect to sell out quickly.

Nucs are for pick up only in Kingston, New York