Spring Beekeeping Endeavors (Online) Coming Soon

E112 - 21
Spring Beekeeping Endeavors  (Online) Coming Soon
Spring is one of the busiest and most important times in the beekeeper's calendar. The success of your beekeeping season will be determined by the decisions you make in the spring. As bee populations are growing and building brood on the last of their winter stores, you need to have a management plan that reflects your beekeeping goals for the year. Are you planning on harvesting a crop of honey this summer?
You will want to know how to build them up ahead of the nectar flow while at the same time preventing swarming. Are you planning on expanding your apiary by splitting your hives to make nucleus colonies? You will want to know how and when to make a split. Maybe you would like to do both? We'll cover that too!
Topics will include:
Proper feeding and nutrition
Timing of supers and the nectar flow
Making splits or nucs for increase and using swarm cells
Early varroa management and IPM systems
How to reduce the swarming impulse

Class size is limited to 12 people

This class will be held as a live online training using Zoom Meeting. You will be sent an invitation the day before the class starts.