Resource Hive

Resource Hive

Hudson Valley Resource Hive

Making and overwintering your own nucs is the key to sustainable beekeeping. The Hudson Valley Resource Hive is more than just another nuc box. By using a partitioned hive body in conjunction with modular four frame deep supers, it allows two smaller colonies to share heat and effectively act as one larger colony in a 4 over 4 configuration, increasing overall winter survivability. In addition to being a superior way to winter nucs, it’s also a great way to alleviate spring swarming, re-queen colonies, get perfect comb drawn in a hurry, produce frames of brood for boosting production hives or making increase colonies just to name a few. 

The kit comes fully assembled including a Cypress Divided Bottom Board, Partitioned Hive Body, 2-Four Frame Deep Supers, 2 Inner Covers and Outer Cover. The specially designed bottom board allows for the use of an entrance feeder and is made from cypress wood to resist decay. Everything you need except the frames and bees!