Raffle for Overwintered HVB Nuc

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Raffle for Overwintered HVB Nuc

$5 per ticket for a HVB over-wintered nucleus colony. These bees are gentle, hardy and good honey producers. They are raised on our certified organic farm in Greene county.

We’re trying to raise $20,000 for Bees for Development to continue to teach sustainable beekeeping in the Kwahu Afram Plains of Ghana and we need your help!

Back in 2019 you, our beekeeping community, helped raise $20,000 to train honey hunters to become sustainable beekeepers in the Kwahu Afram Plains of Ghana.

These very poor honey hunters had been displaced from their traditional honey hunting grounds in the Digya National Park and thereby had lost a traditional source of income. These people, many of them women, desperately wanted to learn sustainable methods of beekeeping and saw it as a way to lift themselves out of poverty and to provide a brighter future for their children.

The Bees for Development Donkorkrom, Ghana project was a great success! The trainings in Bonaso and Apesika had nearly every member of the community involved, including the children. They learned to build hives using local materials, catch swarms, harvest honey and process beeswax.

Here's more information on the project: https://beesfordevelopment.org/article/promoting-sustainable-beekeeping-to-alleviate-deprivation-and-poverty/

Winner will be picked May 1, 2021 and we'll arrange pickup with the winner!