Package of Bees - Early April 2021 - Pick Up - Sold Out

L105 - 21
Only Store Pick up
Naturally mated, genetically diverse, healthy queen.
Thank you for ordering early April packages, unfortunately we got news from the apiary that makes up our package bees that they have experienced colder than usual temperatures this year and have to push our pickup date off a few weeks. 
Your early April pickup dates are now tentatively Friday, April 23 and Saturday, April 24. 
It’s very unusual that we miss our early pickup dates but trust that we all have the bees health and vitality in mind. We will send out another email confirming these new pickup date on Monday, April 12, 2021.
We know this is disappointing news and we understand, we’re disappointed too, but thank you in advance for your understanding.
Our best,
Megan, Jorik, Charlie & Christine
Additional Notes:
1. Contactless pickup - We will have contactless pick again this year. When you arrive you’ll drive down the lanes, stop and give us your name and we’ll set the bees out for you and then you’ll load your bee in your car. Your bees want to travel inside the car with you. They need cool fresh air on the way home. If you put them in your trunk or in the back of you truck they risk overheating and dying.
2. Ordering ahead - The shop will be closed but you can order ahead and we will have a tent setup where you can pickup your order.
3. Install Video - Here’s a link to the video we made last year about how to install a package of bee:
For every package of bees we sell for our 2021 season we are donating $5 to Bees for Development. Here's a link to learn more about their amazing work:
We are sold out for Early April Packages.
Megan and Jorik will be heading down to pick up bee packages in our enclosed, climate controlled trailer that we affectionately call the 'bee wagon'. Being able to control the temperature as we leave the heat of the south and head into to the colder northern weather makes a significant difference in the quality and condition of our packages. The bees are packaged, loaded and arrive back in New York in less than 24 hours minimizing stress on the bees.
Please keep in mind that beekeeping is an agricultural endeavor and highly dependent on conditions beyond our control. Our pick up dates are approximate until about two weeks prior and we'll be in touch confirming pick up dates. We'll also post to our website and FaceBook page. Bee package orders are nonrefundable.
For pick up only.

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