Package of Bees (3lbs) - Late March 2017 Delivery - Sold Out

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Package of Bees (3lbs) - Late March 2017 Delivery - Sold Out
We are sold out for 2017 March packages.
March delivery bee packages require extra care and should only be purchased by an experienced beekeeper. The weather can be unpredictable in March and we recommend that these bees get a frame of comb and a frame of honey when you install them.
We will be heading down to pick up bee packages in our enclosed, climate controlled trailer that we affectionaltely call the 'bee wagon'. Being able to control the temperature as we leave the heat of the south and head into to the colder northern weather makes a significant difference in the quality and condition of our packages. The bees are packaged, loaded and arrive back in New York in less than 24 hours minimizing stress on the bees.
We have been fortunate to have never missed a delivery date but please keep in mind that beekeeping is an agricultural endeavor and highly dependent on conditions beyond our control. Our delivery dates are approximate until about 3 weeks prior but we do expect to continue our tradition of delivering bees on time.
These bees are for pickup only in Kingston, New York.

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