Mite Away Quick Strips (MAQS) 2 Pack

Mite Away Quick Strips (MAQS) 2 Pack

Now available in convenient 2 packs.

Mite Away Quick Strips are the latest and most effective tool we have in our ongoing battle with the Varroa Destructor Mite as well as tracheal mites. MAQS are a flash 7 day treatment of formic acid in gel form that not only kills adult mites but 95% of mites under the cap. No rim spacer is necessary as with the previous MiteAwayII product and no resistance is expected to develop as with some other types of treatment. MAQS leave no residue behind and can be applied during a honey flow while the supers are on.  Daytime temperatures must be between 50-92 degrees and entrances must be completely open during the treatment period.  While some bee mortality is common during the initial 3 days, brood rearing will quickly recover by the end of the treatment period and overall colony health will not be compromised. The strips are compostable and at the end of the treatment period you can remove them or let the bees dispose of them.