HVB Overwintered Nuc - April Delivery - Sold Out

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HVB Overwintered Nuc - April Delivery - Sold Out

Thank you for your interest but we are sold out of these nucs.

We have our own Hudson Valley Bee over-wintered nucs for sale available for mid-April delivery.

These five frame nucleus colonies were started last summer and headed by queens bred from survivor stocks including Sam Comfort’s Anarchy queens and Bill Furguson’s Ontario Buckfast strain. These nucs have superior genetics and have proven themselves to be winter hardy. Their genetics are a valuable part of an integrated pest management system but like all bees, monitoring and possible mite control are a good idea in order to achieve their full genetic potential. We love our bees but they aren't magic... yet.  :)

They will come in a Jester EZ-nuc box so no deposit or exchange is necessary. These nucs are for pick up only in Kingston, NY.