Honey Bee Wildflower Blend Seeds

Honey Bee Wildflower Blend Seeds

This mixture is a special blend of annual and perennial flowers that provides excellent sources of nectar and pollen for honey bees. These flowers are proven favorites of honey bees and will provide forage all season long. This is an ideal mix for honey beekeepers and others interested in helping our struggling honey bees. 

This mix can be used in garden beds, borders, or on larger maintained areas.  Varieties included in this mix are listed to the right. The best times to plant are spring, early summer and fall.

Cape Forget-Me-Not

White Upland Aster 

New England Aster 

Siberian Wallflower

Chinese Forget-Me-Not

China Aster 

Lance-leaved Coreopsis

Dwarf Sulphur Cosmos

Purple Prairie Clover 

Purple Coneflower

California Poppy


Corn Poppy

Rocky Mountain Penstemon

Lacy Phacelia

Scarlet Cinquefoil 

Prairie Coneflower

Sweet Mignonette 

French Marigold, Single