Bee Hunting Box - Out of Stock

Bee Hunting Box  - Out of Stock

We are temporarily our of stock but expect to be back in stock soon.

Bee lining is a passion for us and we are so proud to be making and selling our own Bee Hunting Box!

Beelining is the age old tradition of hunting wild honeybees. By capturing bees in a specially constructed box, feeding and then releasing them, we can establish a ‘bee line’ and follow them to their bee tree. It is a practice that goes back many generations where it originally used to collect honey.

More recently however, the technique has been used by Dr. Thomas Seeley of Cornell University to locate feral bee populations for his well respected research in the Arnot Forest. This past summer we have had the pleasure of spending time bee hunting with Tom in the Arnot Forest.

We have made our two chambered beelining box is based on a design perfected by Dr Seeley. Constructed of rock maple for durability and detailed with brass hardware, this Bee Hunting Box is the perfect balance of form and function, likely destined to become a treasured heirloom. Handmade in New York.

Whether you are looking for locally adapted, feral bees to add diversity to your gene pool or just want to spend a challenging afternoon hunting the rare and elusive wild honeybee, this box is the perfect tool for the job.

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